Creating music on the Native American flute is what I was born to do! I love what I do, and I am glad to share my music with all of you!

If you enjoy my music, I appreciate any support you are willing to provide! I am thankful for any amount of tip you wish to donate.

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Timothy J.P. Gomez

Free Download! “Within the Realm of Dreams”

Within the Realm of Dreams (Free Download)

Timothy J.P. Gomez / TomBaileyMusic

Within the Realm of Dreams - Close your eyes, breath deep, and slip into your subconscious, where you can revisit a special place in your heart. Let your imagination run free and find peace “Within the Realm of Dreams”.
Native American Style Flute melody Written by Timothy J.P. Gomez additional guitar melody and percussion by Timothy J.P. Gomez Music Produced by TomBaileyMusic, Written by TomBaileyMusic

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Being on the road traveling to these magnificent places surrounded in nature is what I live for. I am grateful for this opportunity to have my amazing wife and daughter with me to experience this beauty along side me. This is where the magic and creativity of the music is born. Being a full time musician requires dedication and a strict commitment to completing your goals, but the support from the people who appreciate the music is what keeps the dream alive. For those of you who have reached out and help support these dreams, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because you care enough to help continue to support this dream, I would like to return the favor by offering you this free download to my latest song, “Within the Realm of Dreams”. Thank you for your support and the appreciation of the music! Much Love and Gratitude! 


-Timothy J.P. Gomez

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